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We have received many calls in the past week about a company taking advantage of people through a promotional offering free oil and capsules with a "just pay shipping" offer.

This is not Earth's Pure Nutrition! The company doing this auto-ship scam goes by many names including Earth Pure CBD with the website URL of They are promoting CBD capsules and 300MG oil offer for 17.28. If you click their "buy now" or "accept offer" you will be billed 17.28 on your card and you become a member of their group. You will then be charged 95+- dollars a month until you you cancel.

Please do contact us but go to the link provided and contact them for assistance. The Customer Service information we have been able to retrieve on their website includes the phone number (877)367-3490 and email

We have added a picture of their product below. If you will simply compare their logo to our logo and products you can easily see the difference. We are so sorry that you have been taken advantage of by these scammers.

All other inquires dealing with our company Earth's Pure Nutrition please see below for the contact information:

Earth’s Pure Nutrition

1996 W 3300 S

Ogden, UT  84409-3825

(801) 528-5646

Fax: (801) 731-8115