Trace Minerals Research Vegan Colloidal Silver, Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol Liquid Mineral Supplement, Certified Organic, Natural & Pure

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  • SAFE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Reach for this premium colloidal silver solution when you or your kids need a health pick-me-up. Start at the first sign of symptoms for best results. You can also give to your dogs, cats, and other pets by placing in their water bowl.
  • NO PRESERVATIVES: Just 2 ingredients - Distilled water and 99.999% pure, super oxygenated colloidal silver. Discover the difference of 30ppm concentration. Compared to other 10 ppm silver supplements, ours is 3 times stronger.
  • SUPER-OXYGENATED for better results. Oxygen is well known for its health benefits. Added to super-charge our liquid silver supplement which sets it apart from the competition.
  • DARK BOTTLE FILTERS UV LIGHT: Nano Colloidal Silver can be harmed by UV light. Our cobalt blue & amber bottles filter out the UV light. Due to high demand, you may receive either a BLUE or AMBER bottle. Rest assured - both work equally well at filtering UV light.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA: To give you peace of mind, this product is 3rd Party Tested for potency so you know you're getting 30 PPM of silver in each dose. Founded in 1969, Trace Mineral Research is the #1 Trace Mineral Brand in America.


Supplement Facts


Trace Minerals Colloidal Silver is a dietary supplement with over 30 ppm per dose of pure Colloidal Silver to support and maintain a healthy immune system.† Trace Minerals Research uses special and proprietary technology to process this high-quality Colloidal Silver for maximum effectiveness.†. With each bottle, you can expect a wide range of nutritional benefits.