Dr. Starkey's Ultra ConcenTrace Formula from Trace Minerals - Professsional Strength - Stronger Formula than Regular Concentrace - Over 72 Trace and Ionic Minerals - Deficient - Deficiency

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The one product that I am the most passionate about is ConcenTrace. It’s America’s #1 trace mineral because it works! You can feel the difference just a day or two after taking it, even after just a few hours!

ConcenTrace is the #1 product I recommend as the foundational supplement for everyone who is striving for health and wellness. I have seen the health of countless individuals miraculously change just by taking ConcenTrace. It’s simply amazing what mineral balance can do for one’s body.

Ultra Concentrace is a more concentrated version of ConcenTrace with more magnesium and ionic trace minerals per serving.Just like ConcenTrace, it’s bioavailable, all natural, and contains a full spectrum of ionic trace minerals from Utah’s inland Sea. Darrin Starkey