Electrolyte Stamina Formula Dietary Supplement with Magnesium & Potassium |Support Energy, Endurance& Reduced Muscle Cramps| Gluten Free & Certified Vegan|

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✔ TRACE MINERALS ELECTROLYTE STAMINA: Electrolyte Stamina is a dietary supplement that is ideal for sports performance. This is packed with more essential vitamins and minerals per serving than other tablets. It includes additional ingredients known to maintain muscle and energy while decreasing soreness.
✔ RESTORE YOUR BODY NUTRIENTS: Our Electrolyte Stamina mineral supplements tablets replenish your body’s lost nutrients during activity so you can perform at your best. These trace minerals magnesium citrate nutrients help to conduct the electrical energies and balance fluid absorption and pressure throughout the body so you can feel recharged. efficient hydration†
✔ INCREASE STAMINA & ENERGY: This potassium supplemented Electrolyte Stamina Formula helps get magnesium complex into the cells more effectively to help reduce cramps and increase stamina and energy. It’s a natural way to replace lost nutrients and help you re-energize. This is a good electrolyte stamina fuel for men & women and a perfect hydration tablet.
✔ 𝗪𝗛𝗬 𝗬𝗢𝗨 𝗡𝗘𝗘𝗗 𝗠𝗜𝗡𝗘𝗥𝗔𝗟𝗦 & HOW TO USE IT? The human body needs many minerals, these are called essential minerals which are of two types major minerals and trace minerals. Take 4 to 6 tablets a day but it depends on your activity which is distributed by meals and before and after the period of physical activity. You can take it with plenty of fluids as well.
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    Supplement Facts


    Take most of the trace minerals drops, nutrients, and vitamins from the food that you eat and use dietary supplements only incrementally to complete what is missing in certain moments. Our mineral supplement is formulated to provide a wide range of trace minerals and vitamins rather than focusing on fewer ones and supplying daily large doses that you should normally absorb from food.

    Our Electrolyte Supplement Stamina tablets provide a blend of Magnesium, Potassium, Taurine, Vitamin B6, and Ionic Trace Minerals to help you feel your best and support an active lifestyle. Those who spend a lot of time under the direct heat of the sun or work in hard conditions, those who are on long haul flights, are using water away tablets; drink too much coffee or alcohol are at high risk of dehydration and they should consider taking these tablets to restore their mineral balance. It is great for a keto lifestyle, low carb, or more performance to achieve your goals. Our Electrolyte hydration tablets provide important magnesium malate minerals and electrolytes for recovery, hydration, immune defense and energy.


    • Muscle Recovery
    • Promotes Cardiovascular Health
    • Helps Replenish Lost Electrolytes
    • Helps Cleanse the Body from Toxins
    • Promotes Recovery & Energy Production
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    Karen M.

    I have been using these tablets and they really help me. They give me energy. I was also appreciated with the customer representative handled my order and how quickly received it.

    Jane P.
    United States United States
    Works Efficiently

    Came swiftly. Was familiar with it from a lifestyle center that uses it as health guests fast. Personally, recently I didn't have access to much leafy greens so I used it as I perceived that I was partially getting recurring headaches from low minerals. Within minutes the pain would be gone. Within a week, I would take it twice a day. By and by I got used to the very strong taste.